Come celebrate the weird, the wacky, the naked and the drunk!

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In the state we live in, you never know what’s going to happen next. Or when a bikini-wearing bandit will rob a bank. So, in honor of our new category, “That is so … Florida,”  Eliot Kleinberg, author of “Weird Florida,” will entertain us with insights into why truth really is stranger than fiction, especially here.


Studio mug 060909 Eliot Kleinberg

Studio mug 060909 Eliot Kleinberg

“Any time you jam descendants of slaves, rednecks, Indians, con artists, carpetbaggers, drug smugglers, fugitives, UFO abductees, strippers, alligators, and political refugees into a flat peninsula surrounded by water but with hardly a drop to drink anymore, you get a pretty weird place.”

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